Последни новини от проект FIESTA в Бургас!

If you are outside your home or office and the mobile phone or your laptop needs urgent charging your rescue island is located on the square „Troika“. From today there is already functioning Outside Information Office, powered by solar energy. Besides mobile devices, the solar system can charge batteries of electric wheelchairs. The possibilities of the Information Office were demonstrated to journalists and residents of Burgas. To charge your mobile device, you need to connect a cable to the solar system. It allows for simultaneous charging of two wheelchairs and 12 mobile devices via USB.

„The aim of Burgas Municipality is similar ideas to become policy in the realization of any investment. The main objective is not only to work to improve energy efficiency, but also to strive to change our behavior. This will influence on one hand, environmental protection, and on the other – to reduce energy bills in every household“ said during the demonstration Mrs. Ruska Boyadzhieva, Deputy Mayor “European Policies, Environment”. The plant is connected to the electric network to ensure continuity of charging, if generated from solar energy is exhausted. Outside information office, powered by solar energy is developed within project “FIESTA – Families Intelligent Energy Saving Targeted Action”, financed by “Intelligent Energy- Europe” programme. It is a pilot project for Bulgaria. The information office provides opportunities for presentation of info materials and brochures, as well as options for mobile devices and electrical wheelchairs charging, places to sit and work, as well as effective lightning during the dark parts of the day. Within the project free household energy audit is provided. You can require your energy audit at the project web site http://www.fiesta-audit.eu/bg/, or the Energy help desk in Burgas.

Every household with energy audit will participate in a lottery with great process- high energy efficient appliances (TV, air conditioner, washing machine, dish washer, refrigerator), as well as incentive awards (LED bulbs). The first round of the lottery will be held in May- June, 2016, and second one in May- June, 2017.