Agrophotovoltaics and Regional Study Meeting within the project EAGER

On the 4th of June 2024, the Regional study meeting was organized online between the project partners of project EAGER.

The event started with a short overview of the project management issues.

A representative from KU Leuven, Belgium, presented a presentation on the topic: “What are agrophotovoltaics (APV)?”. It was clarified that APV is a technology that allows land to be used simultaneously for farming and generating electricity with photovoltaics.  Agrophotovoltaics is also a dual land use of farmland for the production of farming products and electrical energy, where farmers’ practices are meaningful and continue to be a full-fledged economic activity.

It was made an APV classification, in which there was a comparison between the kinds of APVs: standard agrophotovoltaics and special photovoltaics. In addition, it was presented their impact.

REAP (Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik) made an overview of the pending communication activities of EAGER project.

The EAGER communication strategy aims at changing behaviour among policy actors of the participating regions towards supporting and expanding agrophotovoltaics in their regions, resulting in 9 improved policy instruments by 2028. This strategic aim fosters collaboration among partners and involved stakeholders, supports the policy learning process and keeps relevant actors informed and engaged, ensuring continuous exchange.

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The project is co-funded by the Interreg Europe Programme with Contract № 02C0697.