Blended mobility event of the Young Eco Inspectors project in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

In the period 25th  of March – 29th of March, a Blended Mobility Event between the partners of the Young Eco Inspectors project took place in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

Representatives from the Municipality of Pazardzhik started the meeting on the first working day with a welcome speech and a short introduction with a description of the tasks and aims of the event. Then the main activities were presented and clarified. Transnational teams of students were formed, their leaders were identified, tasks were assigned, and routes were chosen to measure air and water pollution in the town.

The next day the transnational student’s teams continued with the measurements of the water and air pollution, analysis of the data obtained and short presentations from all the student teams were presented.

On the last day, there was a Steering committee meeting organized between all the project partners to summarise the process in terms of the intellectual outputs to be developed until the end of the Young Eco Inspectors project and also to set the dates for the final events in each country. The results of each of the transnational student teams were presented. The accompanying teachers/mentors from each school were part of the evaluation team that announced the winning team. Finally, a wrap-up session was held to summarize the work of the previous days.