First Training for Teachers Event – GAME EDU

In the period 08th of April – 13th of April, the First teachers training event between the partners of the GAME EDU project was held in Bratsigovo, Bulgaria.

There was a Steering Committee meeting organized, in which all committee members participated. The current status of the project and future activities were discussed and financial and administrative issues were mentioned. During this meeting, all participants together chose a logo for the project. The Macedonian NGO RAORIR trained the teachers for the inclusion of students from vulnerable categories as well as students who have difficulties in learning. Teachers from all countries were divided into teams to work collaboratively in creating and applying their own inclusion strategies.

Teacher training continued with educational pedagogical approaches through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) – based tools. This training was presented by the partners of the Greek NGO Action for Civil Society. Through this, teachers created lesson plans for students aged 9 to 10 years using ICT tools.

Teachers were trained the use of Open Educational Resources (OER WEB 2.0) that will be implemented for the presentation of achievements from competitive events of students aged 9 and 10 years. Representatives from the Macedonian NGO RAORIR and teachers practically created presentations using OER.

On the second to last working day, a proposal for a set of interactive games based on ICT for the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science was presented. A joint process was carried out with mixed teams of teachers in selecting the most suitable games and determining the (eventual) necessity for additional adoption of the games. Then the final set of ICT-based interactive games (with proposal for improvements) was determined by the NGO RAORIR and the teachers. There was a presentation in front of the Steering committee of the fulfilled activities from the training.