Green Public Procurement and Sustainability Tools for Resource Efficiency Mainstreaming – GPP-STREAM, funded by the programme for interregional cooperation INTERREG EUROPE

Project name – PGI05251 Green Public Procurement and Sustainability Tools for Resource Efficiency Mainstreaming – GPP-STREAM

CONTEXT: European regions play a multiple role in the adoption of green public procurement (GPP) policies as they elaborate and adopt GPP plans, can mainstream GPP within all policy instruments that they manage, can purchase eco-innovative and resource efficient goods and services, playing thus also a significant role the promotion of more resource efficient economies. There are still large areas for improvement in the adoption of GPP in relation to EU funded programmes and other policy instruments, in the undertaking of the tool by beneficiaries and in the monitoring of GPP implementation, hence in the evaluation and mainstreaming of its benefits. GPP toolkits, common environmental criteria, training materials and help desks have been developed throughout Europe. Limited experience is yet available on how to include environmental criteria into financing instruments and in the implementation of development strategies. GPP-STREAM builds on the idea that interregional cooperation can help mainstreaming GPP policies within the administrations involved and ensure that resource efficiency measures are spread and benefits acknowledged.

GPP-STREAM AIMS: The project aims to improve the management, implementation and monitoring of policy instruments that integrate GPP approaches so as to ensure that resource efficiency gains can be maximized and that resource efficiency objectives are institutionalized through GPP

Partnership The project is coordinated by Region Friuli and is implemented in partnership with 8 Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian bodies that have complementary environmental and GPP expertise. These are:

Results and Outcomes:

  • 5 transnational learning events;
  • at least 300 stakeholders involved;
  • 13 GPP webinars;
  • 5 GPP toolkits and one online platform;
  • 8 policy instruments from 5 EU countries will integrate GPP approaches;
  • 40 EU policy instrument managing authorities apply GPP-STREAM toolkits.

Topic: Environment and resource efficiency

Project duration – 48 months:

  • Phase 1 /24 months/ – 01.06.2018 – 31.05.2020
  • Phase 2 /24 months/ – 01.06.2020 – 31.05.2022

Project website:

Project website: