Study visit in Latvia under the project “Rural Youth Future”

Between 3-5 October 2023, the University of Latvia, as part of the Rural Youth Future project organized a study visit for the other partners. “Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth”, from Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, also took part in it.

Latvia is a shining example in youth development with a National Youth Law. Their Youth Guarantee Programme, funded by various sources, has significantly reduced youth unemployment through job opportunities, training, and education.

During the first two days of the meeting, good practices in the field of education, employment and entrepreneurship of young people in different rural areas were presented to the partners.

Some of them were:

  1. “Go Remote” – A pilot project aiming to train and employ rural youth through remote job opportunities, fostering economic growth.
  2. “Laukiem Būt!” (The Countryside Will Be!) – Supporting young rural entrepreneurs with training and financial awards, promoting rural development.
  3. Jurmala Youth Initiative Centre – Empowering youth with initiatives, volunteer work, and employment opportunities in a modern Youth House.
  4. “PROTI and DARI!” (Know and Do!) – Engaging NEET youth in education, employment, and mentorship.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about a range of initiatives and organisations working on youth employment issues:

  1. Liepāja Youth House – Fostering personal growth and competence development in youth.
  2. Science and Education Innovation Centre – House of Nature – Encouraging STEM education in an engaging way.
  3. YOU+ Development Platform – Offering training, mentoring, internships, and support for public initiatives and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Impact Hub Liepāja – Promoting sustainable development, networking, education, and support for new businesses.
  5. House of Hope – Supporting disadvantaged youth through scholarships and character-building programs.
  6. Ventspils Science Centre VIZIUM – Inspiring curiosity and innovation in science and technology.

The third day was dedicated to a partnership meeting: discussing the progress of the project, communication and dissemination activities, planning upcoming activities and events of the project.

The next study visit will be to Bulgaria, Peshtera Municipality in the beginning of next year.