About us

Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth

Legal Form

Association Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth (CSEG) is body governed by public law, established under the Bulgarian Act for non-profit legal entities. CSEG major aim is to improve the economic growth of Bulgaria and achieve sustainable growth of local and EU entities.

Main Domains of Activities

The Association was established in 2010 by an initiative of several Bulgarian local authorities and legal entities with the purpose to support development of policies, initiatives and projects in the area of:

1. Protection of environment and water.
2. To develop policies which will foster the increase of competitiveness of Bulgarian SMEs and sustainable development in Bulgarian rural regions.
3. Transfer of good practices and development of policies for sustainable mobility, climate change issues, protection of environment, energy efficiency, production of local and sustainable renewable energy, etc.
4. Training and awareness raising campaigns in different sectors.
5. Development, management, and implementation of projects funded by different EU Programmes.

CSEG is well-known at local and regional level, identifying and developing new projects for sustainable development in various key sectors. The Association works with public institutions and private entities in Bulgaria, as well as with similar organizations and institutions at European level. Its services are utilized by public administrations, business communities, and citizens. The experts within CSEG are experienced in applying integrated approaches, analysis, and solutions that encourage local authorities and communities to develop and implement sustainable strategies, plans and projects. The experts’ professional expertise covers a wide range of fields: economic and financial analysis, policy advice, project management, writing and promotion, environment and clean energy expertise.