Project “GAME EDU”, funded under the ERASMUS+ Programme

GAME EDU project aims to develop an educational approach using existing Open Educational Resources (OER) and creating an interactive educational game set based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance learning for primary school children aged 9 and 10, especially designed to cater to those with learning underachievement. This set of educational games will promote a “Learning by playing” teaching method, making the learning process more efficient and engaging.

The project aligns with the principles of inclusive education and the rights of persons with disabilities. It seeks to provide every student, equal opportunities to access a high-quality education without segregation. Inclusive education emphasizes adapting the educational framework to cater to individual learner needs, incorporating attitudes, approaches, and strategies that include all students in all activities.

Given the increasing importance of digitalization in various aspects of life, the project also focuses on enhancing teachers’ digital competences and introducing them to new digital pedagogical practices through the use of OER and eTwinning networking modules. This will enable transnational cooperation among primary school teachers from different European countries, fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The support provided by experts from NGOs regarding the specific approach to students with learning underachievement will boost teachers’ confidence and motivation to work with these children effectively. The key highlight of this project is that the new teaching method and the set of educational games developed can be used with all students aged 9 and 10, making it widely applicable.

Furthermore, the project will facilitate transnational cooperation among primary school teachers from three European municipalities (Drama – Greece, Kochani – North Macedonia, Bratcigovo – Bulgaria) through the use of OER and eTwinning networking modules. This cooperation will enable teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge, especially in regards to working with students facing learning underachievement. Student’s academic achievements in learning mathematics, science and English language, will improve.

Overall, the transferability of this educational method will be high, addressing important educational challenges, and promoting inclusive and innovative teaching methods using digital technologies. It aligns with the principles of ensuring equal educational opportunities for all students and empowering teachers with the necessary skills to implement these novel approaches.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, under contract No. KA220-SCH-13741FE3 and has duration of 24 months, starting from 01.09.2023. From Bulgaria, the following organizations participate: the Municipality of Bratsigovo (Lead Partner in the project), the Association “Center for Sustainability and Economic Development” and the Primary school “Vasil Petleshkov” from Bratsigovo. Greece and North Macedonia also participated with one expert organisation and one pilot school each to implement the developed teaching methodology.