European dimensions of vocational education in economics, funded by the Erasmus+ programme

During the project activities, students of SOU “Ljupco Santov” from Kochani, North Macedonia had to be sent to two different locations:

– Company KUKSET from Kuşadası, Turkey

– Association “Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth” /CSEG/, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

The programs of both organizations include hands-on activities that provide expert knowledge in a real work environment to the students of SOU “Ljupco Santov”. When selecting these partners, the school was guided by the following criteria: the success of the organizations in the field in which they work, the professional attitude of the staff in the organizations in communication, as well as the desire for long-term cooperation with the vocational high school “Ljupco Santov”, Kochani, North Macedonia.

More about this Erasmus+ project can be found at the following link: European dimensions of vocational education in economics.