On 21st of September, 2022, Bulgarian partner REAP (Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik) participated at an international event called “Circular Economy – the Number One Priority for the European Green Deal”. The conference was organized within an EU project CIRECON. There were 32 stakeholders participating physically at the event in city of Novi Sad, Serbia, and about 30 stakeholders online. There were participants not only from Europe, but also from Africa, and the US.

BIOCIRCULARCITIES project was presented by Mr. Georgi Simeonov, REAP – the project consortium, main objectives, as well as key activities undertaken by the consortium, and lessons learnt so far during the first year of the project were presented. The topic created interest among the participants, because it was explained that the three pilots have totally different scenarios and waste management chains which are being studied. It was highlighted also the Living Labs activity in the three pilot regions and stakeholder participation in them.

Presentation of BIOCIRCULARCITIES on the event.

Agenda of the event.