Cooltorise Consortium meeting in Italy from 16 to 18 of October to and share experience of summer energy poverty mitigating measures

From 16 to 17 October the fourth partner meeting of the Cooltorise project took place in Parma, Italy. During the first day, the partners visited the sites of the pilot projects in Parma – the neighbourhoods and outdoor interventions that have been implemented within the Cooltorise project in Parma so far, targeting vulnerable citizens at risk of summer energy poverty.

During the second day of the meeting the partners presented all the results achieved so far and discussed the upcoming activities to be achieved by the end of the project, the obstacles they encountered during the implementation of the activities and how they can be overcome as well as the planned activities to be implemented 5 years after the end of the project.

On 18 October, in the city of Modena, Cooltorise was featured in the working group entitled “Energy for the Invisible Citizen: In Search of Renewable and Equitable Lasting Solutions.” Two members of the Cooltorise project team, including the project coordinator from the University of Madrid, Professor Carmen Sanchez-Guevara, presented the project to conference participants and actively contributed to the session “Social Impact Hackers – Facilitated Thematic Workshop Around Energy Poverty” with a focus on “Summer Energy Poverty”. Also, researcher Ana Sanz Fernandez participated in the second morning session, “Flopcast: Sharing Bad Practices in the Fight against Energy Poverty,” on the topic of Fixing Mistakes and Delivering Actions to Alleviate Energy Poverty, and through an interactive workshop, participants shared their perspectives on the topic of summer energy poverty, suggestions for addressing the issues in their regions, and ideas that can be implemented throughout the remainder of the project.