Exploring Latvia’s Youth Development Success: Rural Youth Future Partners Engage in Inspirational Study Visit

From October 3rd to October 4th, 2023, the University of Latvia hosted an engaging study visit for Rural Youth Future partners and their stakeholders, immersing them in the impactful stories of Latvia’s youth development and activation initiatives.

During the study visit, participants had the privilege to explore Latvia’s inspiring youth programs and initiatives helping to engage and activate youth in the regions. They engaged in rich discussions, exchanged ideas, and shared best practices with local stakeholders, drawing inspiration to enhance the employability of young people in their own rural communities.

On the first day of the study visit, vibrant discussions revolved around the core objectives and tools of Latvia’s youth policy, the dynamics of the labor market, and strategies to activate youth. The spotlight shone on program of youth entrepreneurship in rural areas “Laukiem Būt” (The Countryside will Be!), with a fascinating exploration of the “Go Remote” platform’s work, shedding light on remote and hybrid work as an empowering tool for rural youth.

Partners also enjoyed a unique opportunity to visit various youth centers and councils, uncovering the opportunities available to youth in the regions. They met and exchanged practices with representatives from Jurmala City Council and Kauguri Youth House, as well as Liepaja Youth House, places where young minds come together, share ideas and support each other’s dreams.

The second day emphasized the vital role of youth in civil society and the impact of science and education. Partners learned from local organizations about successful practices for integrating youth into society and fostering civic and political engagement. Among the speakers were Head of the Education Department of Liepaja City, and representatives from the Development Platform You+, Impact Hub Liepaja, and House of Hope.

The study visit culminated in an awe-inspiring experience at the Ventspils Science Centre VIZIUM. Participants delved into the role of digitalization and technological development in empowering youth in Ventspils city and Kurzeme region. They explored how informal education, voluntary work, and creativity converge to promote youth development and inclusion. The visit also provided the unique opportunity to combine entertainment with STEM education, as attendees took part in workshops and interacted with engaging exhibits.

This remarkable study visit not only offered valuable insights into Latvia’s successful youth initiatives but also left partners brimming with inspiration to empower young people in their own communities. The exchange of ideas and experiences holds the promise of a brighter future for youth development.


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