Exploring rural proofing in Spain: partners from the Coop4RURALGov project participate in interregional study visits on good practice cases

From 18 to 20 October 2023 in Pamplona, the partners of the Coop4RURALGov project took part in a meeting to exchange best practices for rural proofing in the pilot countries participating in the project.

During the study visit, the participants had the privilege to learn about Spain’s inspiring programmes that help improve settlements in rural, coastal and mountainous areas. They participated in enriching discussions, exchanged ideas and shared successful practices with local stakeholders, drawing inspiration to enhance settlement opportunities and protect rural communities.

During the first day of the study visit, active discussions and exchanges of good practices took place, such as the Pyrenees Plan – which aims to achieve the revitalization of the entire territory of the Pyrenees in Navarre which suffers from demographic problems with an aging and declining population. Participants then visited the village of Roncevals – which is inhabited by 20 inhabitants but has a steady attendance of thousands of people each year.

On the second day, a peer meeting was held to identify next steps and highlights of the training in Lille. Good practices from projects to strengthen rural areas, the development of rural laws, the demographic challenges of the Spanish government to ensure rural sustainability and the current situation in the regions of the project partners were discussed

The third day was dedicated to the “Conference on Sustainable Development of Rural Regions in the framework of the Fair for Farmers” Presura 2023. There was a special session dedicated to Strengthening Rural Areas (examining the impact of legislation on rural regions), which was also joined by partners from the Coop4RuralGov project.