First short-term joint staff training event in Kochani, North Macedonia within Young Eco Inspectors Project

The first short-term joint staff training event took place in Kochani, North Macedonia, between 4th and 8th of July 2023 and was organized by Communal Public Enterprise “Vodovod” together with Association for support of economic development-Local action group – LAG, High School Ljupco Santov from Kochani. They presented the Young Eco Inspectors project that is making significant impression in secondary school education by introducing a novel multidisciplinary and activity based environmental educational concept. Aimed at tackling urban air and water pollution challenges, the project is not only promoting sustainable solutions but also nurturing the next generation of environmentally conscious citizens.

One aspect of the project involves training events for STEM teachers. Teachers are trained by an Expert from The Regional Energy Agency of Pazardzhik – REAP, Bulgarian, in Training Session aiming at developing their expertise in identifying the most suitable solution for overcoming environmental challenges. These events focus on legal and health aspects of water and air pollution, usage of measuring equipment, and practical measurements. The teachers learn how to integrate environmental topics into their regular classes, creating 45 min preparatory notes. By using Open Educational Resources and eTwinning networking modules, teachers also gain digital skills and international cooperation opportunities.

The project innovative approach extends beyond traditional classrooms. Blended mobility events organized in different partner locations allow experts to provide specialized training sessions. For instance, visits to drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants and geothermal systems expose participants to real-life environmental solutions.

Through these events, the project empowers teachers and students to become actors of change, who will implement and promote sustainable practices within their communities, by addressing urban air and water pollution challenges.