Mid-term partners meeting for Young Eco Inspectors Project

Mid-term partners meeting of the Young Eco Inspectors project took place from 01.12 to 03.12.23 in Kochani, North Macedonia. The hosts from the communal public utility “Vodovod” had put together a very fruitful program for the event. The focus of the meeting covered the following activities:

  • The partners evaluated the short-term joint staff training events;
  • They planned the upcoming activities in the three pilot schools – long-term teaching assignments, which will also involve the pupils of the schools, and thematic contests will be organized for them;
  • The progress of the four intellectual products was discussed and instructions were given to the partners for their completion;
  • The software developed specifically for the project was presented again and it was demonstrated how to enter data from the measurement of water and air parameters and how to display these data on information displays in the three pilot locations – Pazardzhik, Kochani and Larisa.

From Bulgaria all participating partners took part – Regional Energy Agency of Pazardzhik (REAP), Pazardzhik Municipality, which is the lead partner of the project, and High School „Ivan S. Aksakov“.