Pupils event of the project ”The Music Balkan Train for Peace”

In the period of 9th – 12th of May 2024 the pupils event of the project “The Music Balkan Train for Peace” took place in Larissa, Greece.

The opening of the event started with a welcoming speech by a representative of the Greek NGO AID. Then the tasks and objectives of the event for students were described.

After that, presentations of long-term teaching assignments from every school were presented. Allocation of mixed transnational students’ teams with a leader for each team was made, tasks were assigned, and educational approaches and working methods were defined.

The three mixed transnational teams worked with their leaders to create a song on the topics of peace, radicalisation and discrimination. A steering committee meeting was organized regarding the finalization of Project Results, and the dates for the next project events, as well as the communication and dissemination activities were determined.

Тhe second day of the event, the project partners were welcomed with a concert by the students from the Μusic School of Larissa. Then each transnational student team presented their song. All the teams were evaluated and the winning team was declared. All the work was summarised at a ceremony, organized for the winning transnational student team. Final discussions were carried out, activities were evaluated and organizational details for the 3 national dissemination events were discussed, one in each participating country – Bulgaria, Greece, and North Macedonia.