RuralYouthFuture Interregional study visits focused on good practice cases in Bulgaria

Interregional study visits focused on good practice cases, part of RuralYouthFuture project, was held between 03.04.2024 and 04.04.2024 in Peshtera the first day, and Province of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, the second day. Representatives of all partner organisations and some of their stakeholders from Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia, Portugal, Estonia, and Belgium attended the event. The first day, the event was opened by the Mayor of Peshtera Municipality – Mr. Yordan Mladenov, who welcomed all guests. After his speech, a number of good practices and projects targeting youths in the rural regions were presented. These were presented by the following esteemed organizations:

A local strategy and some initiatives for sustainable youth development on the territory of Peshtera Municipality were also presented by local experts. The second half of the day continued with Steering Group and Technical group meetings to discuss the progress of activities and to plan the next tasks and upcoming events.

On 4th of April, “on-site” study visits were organized where guests visited youth center in the Municipality of Peshtera. Then the visits continued in the Municipality of Bratsigovo, a typical Bulgarian small rural municipality, where all the partners and stakeholders visited the Community Centre “Vasil Petleshkov”. There they learned about the ongoing municipal strategies, projects and programmes for youth development. In the afternoon a municipal youth office in the Municipality of Velingrad was visited, where all the classes such as national folklore dances, modern dances, singing, arts, etc. were presented by youths and their trainers.