Summer energy activities started in Bulgaria

Cooltorise summer energy activities started in Bulgaria. Month of July was very intensive in Pazardzhik, where a number of workshops were organized with families with children, social families, and low income citizens.

First, CSEG experts together with the support of SEPAs (summer energy poverty agents) organized a series of workshops on summer energy culture, where citizens were introduced on some energy saving measures which could be implemented at home, as well as some measures which can be implemented during the summer season in order to reduce heat intensity. Then, small workshops have been organized to explain about bills: electricity, natural gas, and water bills – what stands behind the complicated descriptions, especially on bills related to electricity and natural gas.

Association CSEG organized also an outdoor activity with citizens of neighborhood “Mladost” in city of Pazardzhik. The planting field was carefully selected right on the southern part of a multi residential building, where the sunshine in summer is extremely strong resulting in high temperatures not only in the day, but also in the night. During this activity, citizens were actively participating in the planting process, while a Cooltorise expert was explaining the main advantage of green areas in city centres and in neighborhoods.

There was also a small activity dedicated to youngest population of our society, the kids. While their parents were participating in Cooltorise workshops, a Cooltorise expert was showing to them some small models of various “RES installations at home”, explaining how RES energy can be utilized and replace the conventional energy at home.

Association CSEG is planning to start soon the organization of activities related to indoor installable kits.

Municipality of Peshtera also started summer energy activities in the town of Peshtera. There were two large workshops organized mainly with elderly people, and low income people. At these workshops, Cooltorise experts explained about summer heat waves, and what measures could be undertaken in order to mitigate their effect. Also, a presentation of energy saving measures at home was done.

Another interesting activity, initiated by the municipality is the change in time of washing the streets. After a discussion with municipal experts from the Communal enterprise, they decided to start washing the streets in late afternoon, so that a cooling effect is achieved in the evening.

Cooltorise summer activities will continue in both Bulgarian locations during the hottest periods of the year, and will last at least until beginning of October.