Teachers and environmental experts from the project “Young Eco Inspectors” joined in training on environmental protection.

From 9th to 14th October 2023, the Young Eco Inspectors project, part of the Erasmus+ programme, is going to provide training. The training is targeted at the teachers and staff of the organisations involved in the project, in order to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field of environmental protection and water and air quality measurement. The project is organized by NGOs and educational institutions from Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Greece, together with the Regional Energy Agency – Pazardzhik (REAP).

The learning process includes a number of sessions and activities aimed at preparing the participants. The training takes place in the city of Larissa, Greece, where on the first day a meeting was held between all partners to clarify the organizational activities and details of the meeting program.

The program started with a short presentation and explanation of the tasks and objectives of the training, led by a representative of the NGO AID. This was followed by a presentation on air and water pollution measurement equipment, conducted by the partners Vodovod Kochani. Participants learned how to develop practical tasks involving data collection sheets. Experts from Vodovod mentored the teachers in carrying out air pollution measurements at different points in Larissa, also checking water pollution in the river that runs through the city. During the last days of the training, the teachers and environmental experts worked together to create educational programmes including environmental topics to be subsequently passed on to the children in the classes.

The main focus of the training is to introduce the equipment used to measure water and air quality, test the equipment, and create an online platform where the results of the measurements in the three cities of Pazardzhik, Kochani, and Larisa can be reported.

Also present at the event was the Steering Committee meeting, which discussed issues related to the communication and dissemination campaign, the next project activities and events, and the content of the intellectual products.

The training continues until the 14th of October and is a successful attempt to unite teachers and environmental experts in an effort to protect the environment and develop educational programs and environmental awareness among young people.