The Biocirculacities Trilogy – Episode 3: The journey of the three pilot territories

The third webinar took place on 13th of September 2023 and was attended by about 40 stakeholders from different European countries and institutions.

The Biocircularcities project brought together three “pilot territories” aiming to improve a specific value-chain focusing on one key bioresidue. The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in Spain has focused on incentivizing quality and quantity of municipal bio-waste separately collected in its urban context, the Metropolitan City of Naples in Italy has tackled the conversion of coffee silverskin from the agrifood industry into high-fibres content bread, and the Province of Pazardzhik in Bulgaria has targeted its forestry residues to collect them for energy or biochemicals production through lignocellulosic valorization.

The third and final webinar of the Biocircularcities Trilogy follows the journey of the three pilot territories towards these new value-chains and offers a taste of the experience they gained during the project. It deals with a variety of topics, such as how local stakeholders were involved in the process, and how the scientific work of Biocircularcities partners supported the local discussions.


Metropolitan Area of Barcelona | Laura Martínez

Metropolitan City of Naples | Angelo Venezia

Province of Pazardzhik | Georgi Simeonov