Second Stakeholder Meeting in Bulgaria within the RuralYouthFuture Project

On Monday, January 15, 2024, the two Bulgarian partners, Association Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth /CSEG/ and Municipality of Peshtera organized the Second stakeholder group meeting in Bulgaria within the frame of RuralYouthFuture project, co-funded by the Interreg Europe Programme 2021-2027.

Mr. Martin Ivanov, expert in Association CSEG, presented the project in front of the participants – its main objectives and upcoming activities on interregional study visits, exchanges of experience and best practices identification. Mr. Ivanov presented also best practices coming from the Latvian partners and demonstrated during the First interregional study visit few months ago. Representatives of Peshtera municipality made a short overview of the monitoring and evaluation activities related to the Bulgarian policy document, the Plan for Integrated Development of Peshtera Municipality 2021-2027.

These two presentations were followed by a debate on potential identification of good practices from Bulgaria in the area of youth employment and entrepreneurship in rural regions of Bulgaria. Stakeholders provided interesting proposals which will be further studied and analyzed by the two Bulgarian partners in order to present them at the Bulgarian study visit in April, 2024.

There were various stakeholders who took part in the event like representatives of public administrations and educational authorities, social workers, representatives of NGOs, energy agencies, and SMEs association. Most of these organizations comprise high-quality experts in specific sectors like education, environment protection, sustainable energy, entrepreneurship, and policy making.